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Founded in New York way back in 1853, Motul are now under French ownership and leading the way in terms of high performance engine oils, fluids and lubricants right across the world of motoring. From their range of brake fluids to their racing-standard engine oils that keep all moving parts moving freely, at their optimum temperature and efficiently, Motul use the latest technologies and extensive development time to produce their products with the aim of ensuring that all engines - and cars or motorcycles as a whole - are treated with the love and care they deserve. Engine oils and brake fluids are far more than simple lubricants, they're the blood of the system that helps to keep each part functioning as it should, whether it's a highly tuned engine or a high performance car racing around a circuit. Among the Motul range of oils, fluids and lubricants are stand-out products including Motul 300V motor oil, Motul RBF600 brake fluid and their range of chain lube that all meet the highest standards and are not only suitable for racing use, but widely used throughout amateur and professional paddocks around the world.