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An Italian manufacturer known for their quality and style (aren't they all), OZ specialise in the design and fabrication of alloy wheels for both high performance sports cars and motorcycles. Unlike many manufacturers, OZ produce a specialist range of motorcycle alloy wheels to allow bikers to improve the look and performance of their machines as well as car tuners and racers. Founded in Rossano Veneto in Italy in 1971, OZ - or OZ Racing as they're also known - are widely known for their innovative designs and stunning finishes to all of their wheels, using the latest materials to produce a range of TUV-certified, lightweight alloy wheels for the whole motorsport sector including Formula One, rallying and the OE market. Perhaps best known for the OZ Ultraleggera, Superleggera and Superturismo wheels; the company recently produced a special Anniversary edition to mark 45 years.