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As racers, riders and drivers we take our safety seriously. Out on the track we wear helmets, leathers, gloves and racing boots; while on the road we're safe and secure inside our cars with seat belts and airbags. The one thing that many don't consider in these environments is hearing and the effects of the loud engines and power tools used around us. Riding a motorcycle is great fun, but it's very loud, and so is racing a car and being part of the pit crew working with wheel guns and drills. ProGuard earplugs have been designed to provide a subtle but highly effective way of protecting your ears against these loud noises and long-term hearing loss. Custom moulded earplugs fit to the shape of your ears providing a reliable seal that keeps the noise out, a much more preferable option to a set of over-head ear defenders or generic earplugs. ProGuard earplugs are made specifically for motorsport with up to 24dB of hearing protection making them the ideal option for racers of all ages and abilities, as well as those on the pit wall.