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Transporting your luggage on a motorcycle isn't easy, especially with so little to actually mount your bags to. One option is a rucksack, but that's no good when you have a pillion. So what's the other choice? Renntec sports racks are designed to be fitted to a wide range of motorcycle makes and models, providing a secure motorcycle luggage rack for you to strap your bags to, perfect for a weekend away at the racing. With modern motorcycles smaller and more streamlined than before, Renntec motorcycle luggage racks allow you to transport everything you need, securely fastened to the rear of the bike with no modifications required so you can pack your clothing, tent and food and ride off as normal. In addition to their range of motorcycle luggage racks, Renntec have also devised a collection of motorcycle parts and accessories including grab rails to provide somewhere for passengers to hold and radiator grills and oil cooler covers so that your passenger doesn't burn themselves while riding on the back of your bike!