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For decades Schroth have been at the forefront of the design and production of driver and passenger protection systems, drawing from their wealth of experience gained from producing harnesses for the aviation and military sectors. Since 1960 they have been constantly striving to produce the safest, most effective racing harnesses possible through carrying out their own crash tests in house. As well as harnesses they also offer a full range of FHR/HANS devices, expertly manufactured from high strength materials such as carbon fibre and carbon reinforced polymer. The world of motorsport has fully embraced the Schroth brand. It’s presence in championships such as Formula 1, WRC, DTM, Nascar and many more around the world is testament to the fact that Schroth are widely seen as the brand to call upon to keep you safe. Their range consists of vehicle-specific racing harnesses for cars from the likes of Porsche and Caterham and have been adopted into countless series' associated with these marques. In recent years we have seen the arrival of the Schroth Enduro range of belts, specifically aimed at the GT/Endurance racer. Once again, race teams and private competitors are hard pressed to find a better harness to secure them into their high-powered GT cars. The Enduro range along with the rest of Schroth's professional product range is available to you direct from Demon Tweeks.