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It might appear insignificant to the untrained eye, but a radiator cap serves a number of vital functions as part of the cooling system within a car or motorcycle. Firstly, radiator caps ensure that the pressure inside the radiator is kept at a high level which in turn raises the boiling point. It also allows the coolant to make its way into the recovery tank where it warms and increases the pressure. Finally, and arguably most importantly, a good quality radiator cap is required to keep dirt and contaminants out of the system so everything is as clean and healthy as possible. Stant, a company based in the United States, have developed a range of racing standard radiator caps which create a tight and reliable seal around the radiator to help you get the most from your cooling system. If your car or motorcycle has been experiencing issues with overheating and you've not been able to put your finger on why, take a look at your radiator cap and look for signs of wear or damage - it may be that a Stant radiator cap is the solution.