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Since Stilo’s inception in 1999 the Italian helmet manufacturer has cemented its place in the motorsport world as the number one rally helmet supplier. Unlike other well-known helmet brands, they have solely concentrated on the development of Motorsport helmets meaning that all of their passion, skill and innovative design ideas are channelled into the production of the widest range of motorsport helmets available on the market today. Their first foray into the ultra-competitive world of helmet manufacturing was the WRC rally helmet. It’s unique fixed boom design was instantly loved by many professional and amateur rally drivers and the key element in the production of their rally helmets is that they've all been designed around the intercom helmet communication feature. This means that when it matters most you have a helmet of unsurpassed comfort with the perfect clarity required to receive clear and concise instruction from your co-driver. Having conquered the rally helmet market Stilo started work on a whole range of helmets for use on the circuit, culminating with the arrival of their brand on the F1 grid in 2015. Their focus on Motorsport has allowed Stilo to produce technologically advanced helmets such as the ground breaking Zero range, proven to be the lightest and strongest helmets in the world. The whole Stilo helmet range is just a click away, instantly available for delivery from Demon Tweeks with numerous convenient payment methods to suit everyone’s requirements.