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Given its name from the first letters of technical and innovation, Tein is a brand that continues to evolve its product offering to meet the needs of modern motorists. Focussing on performance, safety, quality and reliability; Tein suspension parts are designed and developed to the highest standards and specifications to ensure that they meet the needs of every driver who uses them from high performance road going cars right up to amateur and professional motorsport. Based in Japan with a background in JDM vehicles but with additional manufacturing facilities around the world including in the USA and UK, Tein suspension parts like their range of coilovers, springs and suspension kits are built to be the best and to provide driving pleasure to drivers. Their background in the Japanese market certainly gives them an advantage when it comes to suspension parts for Japanese manufacturers, but they still know a thing or two about the European market don't worry about that! If you've got a European car then, while the product range isn't as large, you'll still find something that ticks your boxes whether you drive Japanese or European. As cars become more advanced, so do Tein coilovers and lowering springs which are made using the latest technologies to ensure that - whether they're OE or aftermarket parts - Tein suspension products are every bit as advanced as the cars they're bolted to. One such advancement is their EDFC ACTIVE system, allowing drivers to make adjustments to the damping force from the driver's seat, without having to pull over, with simple changes made to each shock. These advancements have enabled them to make a real name for themselves in drifting, a popular style of driving that requires a lot of purpose-built parts and Tein have gone away and adapted their fast-road and racing suspension to meet the needs of a growing drifting market, too.