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£25.00INC VAT£20.83EX VAT
Finance avail. on baskets over £250
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Originally designed for motorcyclists but suitable for all forms of motorsport, UTAG medical chains and bracelets are the ideal way of storing all of your vital medical information for doctors to easily access in the event of an accident on the road or circuit. Motorsport, and motorcycling in general, are both known for their risks and those who ride or race do so safe in that knowledge; but at least with a UTAG medical bracelet around their wrist or a medical chain around their neck they have peace of mind, too. These digital medical tags are worn like typical dog tags or bracelets but contain USB drives which can be accessed with all of the individual's data available. Displaying the all-important immediate medical details on the tag itself, such as blood type and any medical conditions such as diabetes, the UTAG medical bracelet range gives you the best chance of fast treatment in the event of a serious accident.