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Modern motorcycle clothing is at the pinnacle of design, showcasing the latest in manufacturing and safety technologies. The result is ergonomically designed clothing that works with the rider improving comfort, safety and style

Modern day motorcycle clothing acts as a second skin and is the first line of defence in the unfortunate event of an accident for any rider/pillion, so what’s the best choice for you

With so many different riding disciplines, choices of materials, combinations and styles available, the best way to choose is to ask yourself - What type of bike are you riding? And, what level of protection does the clothing offer

These are some exceptions, however as a general guide, textile clothing tends to be aimed towards the touring, adventure and commuting disciplines. This is because the materials used are lighter and their cut is generally more relaxed. This allows for greater freedom of movement and generally more all-season weather protection. Leather clothing on the other hand is predominantly sports orientated as it offers ultimate levels of abrasion and impact resistance making it ideal for use on sports bikes and track use where speeds tend to be higher. Another important factor to consider is does the clothing feature CE approved armour, as at normal road speeds, you’re just as likely to be injured by the initial impact or subsequent impacts associated with an accident

One thing is for sure, with so much head to toe protection available, you’re certainly not stuck for choice, whatever your budget