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Motorcycle tyres – they’re black, they’re round they roll across the ground… right? Well, not really. The reality is that in today’s biking world the humble tyre is an integral part of the machine, providing you with all the grip, feed-back and confidence to explore both your own and the bikes limits - choose the wrong tyre, and the consequences could be disastrous.

With modern bikes ranging from 10 - 200 BHP and with various disciplines, such as sports, touring, adventure and commuting, it’s impossible to design a tyre suitable for all. Instead, each tyre is carefully developed towards its specified discipline allowing it to provide optimum performance levels. Factors such as carcass strength, compounds, tread patterns - even the contour of a tyre are all considered, depending on how riders want that tyre to handle and react.

Which motorcycle tyre is right for your bike? Well, it all depends on what and where you’re riding. For instance, the focus of a sports bike tyre is a high level of grip, with minimal tread pattern for improved contact with the road surface - longevity is less of a priority. Touring tyres are the opposite - focused towards mileage with good levels of wet grip as they’re more likely to be ridden in all-weather conditions. Adventure bike tyres are a mix between road and off road tyres, with large contact patches for grip/stability and clever tread pattern designs to help with loose surfaces and water.

With such a broad range of motorcycle tyres - whatever you ride, wherever you ride it, we’ve got you covered.