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Hand brakes are an important component in rallying and are frequently used in drifting and autotests in order to carry more speed through corners and to have an extra level of control over the balance of the car.

Whereas most road cars are fitted with cable operated hand brakes, these hydraulically operated alternatives are better suited for motorsport competition due to being plumbed directly into the braking hydraulics. This means that the hand brake provides a more positive feel for the amount of pressure being applied as well as being more consistent without the potential for stretching the cable and therefore losing its capability to apply the brake.

The range of hydraulic handbrakes available here at Demon Tweeks includes options for a conventional horizontal operating lever or a vertical lever. The advantage of the vertical lever is that it is able to be mounted closer to the reach of the driver, allowing a quick application of the handbrake when needed and keeping the hands closer to the wheel at all times. Certain hand brakes also include a locking mechanism for when the hand brake is used for securing the vehicle in place.  

Some hydraulic hand brakes are supplied with or without master cylinders. For a full range of brake fittings and plumbing solutions, please see the motorsport braking section.