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Aside from being a mandatory requirement for any competition vehicle, fire extinguishers are also important to protect your expensive competition car. Motorsport fire extinguishers are available in two different forms, hand held and plumbed in.

Hand held extinguishers are typically secured in place with quick release brackets and can be used by the driver by hand to aim directly at the source of the fire. Plumbed in fire extinguisher systems are more extensive in their operation. They are activated either by pulling a cable (mechanically) or by pushing a button (electronically). Once activated, the fire extinguishant is pumped through tubing to a set number of nozzles which can be directed at key areas which are likely to cause a fire.

Nobody wants to see their car go up in smoke and the best way to prevent that from happening is to fit a larger capacity plumbed in fire extinguisher. These are supplied with more nozzles which can deliver a greater amount of extinguishant to more areas of the car.

Also available in our range is a selection of plumbing accessories and activation products so that you have everything that you need to keep you and your car protected.