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Data loggers are a useful tool for collecting all forms of information from the cars systems and relaying them to the driver. This is achieved either by using a host of sensors to relay the information back to the data logger or via connection to a vehicles ECU. Certain systems also make use of GPS technology to provide further information such as speed and vehicle position.

This information can be relayed to the driver in the form of a digital display, allowing them to have full access to the all the critical engine information in one place and even includes warning alarms in the event of a potential failure. Some dash displays feature RPM shift lights to act as a driver aid to avoid mis-shifts which can lead to expensive engine damage.

All data that is logged during a session is stored on the internal memory of the data logger for later download. This allows the team to view how the car has performed during the session as well as helping the driver to improve their driving. By looking at this data, you can get a visual representation of the effects of setup changes, so that you can achieve the potential which is in your car.

If you are looking to increase your data logging capability, be sure to check out our range of vital sensors. Or if you want to add a camera system to your vehicle, we have a range of systems available under Motorsport Camera Systems & Recorders.