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One of the problems with standard rubber car hoses is that they're just not able to handle the high fluid temperatures, causing them to perish far sooner than many of us would like. The alternative to rubber is a new style of silicone hose which is capable of resisting those higher temperatures, ensuring that the hose lasts far longer (sometimes longer than the car itself), and continues to perform its duty to a high standard - going under the radar like a trustworthy, reliable companion.

Silicone engine hoses also offer greater flexibility when compared to rubber, meaning that they are less likely to split or rot, maintaining the high performance and reliability of your engine as a whole. Designed for all makes and models, but with performance in mind and used by Formula One and WRC teams, our range of silicone hoses and accessories can make a significant difference to the reliability of your car and its engine in particular, delivering fluids including coolant, air and water throughout the system.