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How your kart performs on the track is all anyone really notices, but there is so much hard work and preparation that goes into getting a kart out there in the first place. Building your kart involves plenty of hard work and dedication, and that means using the best kart parts and accessories to set you up to win.

As an official partner of the 2019 British Kart Championships, Demon Tweeks have an extensive collection of the best kart parts and accessories available today. From kart steering wheels to help steer you round the track to kart stands and trolleys to secure it in place while you perform essential last-minute maintenance in the garage, we can provide you with every piece of kart racing equipment you need.

In addition to kart brakes, chains, tyres and seats; we also provide a wide range of lap timers to help monitor your progress and overall performance during your team debrief. Whether you're faster than before, or slower than before, these digital GPS lap timers will record all your data so you can analyse your progression and determine where and when any improvements are required.