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As a mechanic you work tirelessly behind the scenes, helping to prepare all kinds of cars and motorcycles for both the track and the road but it's important to take every precaution possible to keep yourself and your clothes safe in the process. Mechanics workwear is designed to help keep hazardous fluids including fuel and oils off your clothes, while also helping to protect you in the event of a fire in the garage, pit or paddock.

Our collection of mechanics workwear is designed for professional and amateur mechanics, and is all suitable for use in motorsport paddocks. We stock the very best mechanic gloves and overalls designed to protect your body and clothing, as well as helmets which are now compulsory in many forms of motorsport where you have drivers or riders coming into or out of the pits.

For complete peace of mind we have a catalogue of exceptionally high quality ear defenders and forms of eye protection to help look after your eyes and ears, protecting your hearing against loud engine noises and your eyes against any potential sparks or metal fragments from your hard work. We also provide a whole host of mechanics clothing and equipment including face masks, flame resistant gloves and knee pads.