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It's easy to forget to protect your ears when you get into motorsport, especially once you put on a balaclava and your helmet ready for the race. After putting on your race suit, boots and gloves you're ready to get behind the wheel and out on the track; but failing to put in your ear plugs can cause damage to your hearing over time. Experienced racing drivers will all testify that hearing protection is vital in motorsport, especially with so many loud engines and power tools in operation. When you're sat behind the wheel you want to know that you're as safe as possible, and that safety should extend to your hearing, too. At Demon Tweeks we stock a wide range of ear plugs designed for all forms of motorsport including foam ear plugs you can insert and race with, and mould-your-own ear plugs that - as the name suggests - you can fit to the shape of your ears for optimum comfort as well as protective performance.