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When competing in motorsport, safety for the driver or co-driver is paramount. Hence why in 2016 the MSA made the use of an FHR device mandatory for all circuit racing, stage rallying, hill climbs and sprints. FHR stands for Frontal Head Restraint and they are designed to protect the neck in the event of an accident by reducing the speed and the distance that it is thrown forward by the impact.

FHR devices are typically available in a selection of fixed recline angles to suit various seating positions as found in saloon, or single seater racing cars. The most common recline angle is 20 degrees, is mostly found in saloon cars where the driver sits reasonably upright in the car. Also available are 30 and 40 degree angles to suit single-seater and sports prototypes with the latter angle for more extreme applications such as Formula 1 type single seaters.

There are, however, types of FHR device which are not angle specific such as an adjustable HANS type device as well as the Hybrid FHR devices which are not limited to a certain recline angle but also offer a degree of lateral protection.

Also available on this page is a selection of accessories to suit the various FHR devices such as HANS posts, replacement tethers and padding.

If your chosen form of competition doesn’t require the use of a FHR device and you are looking for a standard neck brace, check out the Neck Braces section under Head and Neck Safety.