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Every driver should consider a good quality set of race gloves. Although they are only mandatory for use in circuit racing, they are strongly advised by the MSA for use in all competition. This is due to being constructed from a soft Nomex material, offering an additional level of protection in the event of a fire.

Aside from their protective properties, race gloves also help to provide the driver with a positive grip on the steering wheel. This can prove essential in the heat of competition where the likelihood of sweaty hands can lead to a loss of control. It also allows for a better feel of the feedback coming through the steering wheel which can lead to quicker times.

Other features to look out for are internal or external seams. An externally seamed glove helps to remove some of the pressure points found within the fingers which helps to make the glove more comfortable to wear. Another comfort enhancing feature is pre-curving of the fingers. This is designed to allow the glove to sit better when the driver has a grip of the steering wheel.

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