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A race suit is the first line of protection for a driver when faced with a fire. Constructed from multiple layers of fire retardant material, a race suit is an essential item for all forms of motorsport competition.

There is a large range of suits available here at Demon Tweeks which accommodates everyone from the clubman to the professional driver. Race suits vary in their design and fit; entry level suits generally feature benefits such as fully floating sleeves for improved arm movement, while moving towards the upper end of the scale the suits become lighter and more advanced. Features include stretch panels for added comfort, advanced cooling and moisture wicking capabilities as well as improved tailoring for a better, more comfortable fit. There is also a range of colours and designs available.

Also available is a range of custom designed race suits where you can specify your exact sizing dimensions for a perfect fit as well as colours, designs and added logos to make your race suit unique to you. The possibilities are endless.

If you are looking for mechanics overalls, why not check out our range of mechanics wear over in the pit and paddock section of the motorsport department.