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Fitting a set of motorsport wheels to a competition car should not be underestimated. No matter what form of motorsport that you compete in, the wheels are subjected to intensive working conditions whether it is from high cornering forces, kerb strikes or constant rough terrain; a motorsport wheel needs to be able to withstand all of these situations as well as potential damage from contact.

As such, motorsport wheels from Compomotive, Speedline Corse and Revolution are designed to be very strong and are constructed using advanced manufacturing techniques from lightweight materials. All of this adds up to having a wheel that is able to measure up to the rigours of the motorsport environment, but can also save weight and improve the amount of power which is transferred through to the wheels due to less mass to rotate. Motorsport wheels are also treated to withstand high amounts of heat which is generated from the brakes. Over time, a standard wheel which is subjected to high levels of heat will weaken and fail, but a motorsport wheel is able to resist the effects of excessive heat to provide a consistent level of performance over and over again.

All of our manufacturers offer a range of different styles of wheels including both modern and classic designs, with mounting options and sizes to suit the most popular applications so you can give your car the upgrade it needs today.