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All engines need oxygen to produce power and optimising your engine’s intake system to ensure that the engine has all the cold air it can use helps to remove the limits to the power that the engine can make. The simplest upgrade is to replace the original paper filter element with a freer flowing performance air filter. Normally made from oiled cotton, or oiled foam, a performance air filter element drops right into your original air box, and allows more air through than the original paper element. This means your car’s factory air box will perform as well as it possibly can.

The next step is a complete induction Kit. By replacing the original air box, a much bigger filter element can be used. Normally the flat panel will be swapped out for a cone offering more surface area. This may be in an enclosed cold air feed, or behind a heat shield, or simply in the same supply of cold air the original air box was using. An open intake will probably sound better, but an enclosed system will ensure the best supply of cold air into the engine. Pipework to and from the air box may be replaced, depending on the exact type of intake chosen. Which option of air filter that you go for will depend on exactly what you want out of an intake. If it’s induction noise, then an open cone air filter is definitely the way to go. If it’s performance then an option with a cold air feed will work best.