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A set of performance brake discs represents an excellent and fairly straightforward brake upgrade. Unlike standard, factory fitted versions a set of performance brake discs helps to dissipate the heat more quickly, reducing the risk of brake fade and any damage to the brakes or wheels. Designed to keep the surface of the brake pad clean, a set of performance brake discs also helps to remove any hot gases through a series of grooves made in the disc which also help to keep them cool in the process as the air wicks over them.

Leading brake manufacturers including Brembo, Black Diamond, Tarox and EBC Brakes have invested heavily in the development of their performance brake disc range; adapting their standard brake discs to suit the performance market and offer the drivers who use them the increased braking power and efficiency they’re craving. With a range of quality brake discs available for all makes and models, you’re sure to find the ideal set of discs for you, your budget and your car here.