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A dump valve, also known as a blow off valve and abbreviated to BoV, helps to relieve some of the intense pressure that builds up inside a turbocharged engine. When you’ve got through the process of tuning your engine to get more power and performance from it, you need to ensure that it’s ready to handle the improvements and upgrades and that means far more than just putting on a new set of tyres that won’t shred when you put the accelerator to the floor!

Dump valves are designed to take the pressure away from the turbocharger when the throttle is closed and come in different styles depending on the make and model of dump or blow off valve you choose. Forge, Turbosmart and HKS dump valves, for instance, are beautifully machined valves that offer distinctive sounds and a vast improvement on factory-fitted valves that simply wouldn’t cope with many performance upgrades under the bonnet.

In addition to the dump valves themselves we also stock a range of high quality fitting kits to help you get the perfect fit. Samco dump valve fitting kits come with everything you could possibly need to install your new valve including the valve, hoses and mounts with each dump valve fitting kit tailored to the make and model, and suitable for Samco valves.