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ECU remapping is a popular and highly effective way of getting enhanced performance from your engine. The ECU map the car came from the factory with will often not be everything the engine can do but will instead have a bit of headroom built in to allow for variable fuel quality or lax servicing. This means there is extra power on offer simply by flashing new software onto the Engine Control Unit. This makes this one of the easiest and most cost-effective upgrades you can do on many cars. A process no more difficult than updating your phone can unleash up to 25% extra horsepower and torque!

Simply by reprogramming your engine, you can increase the performance on offer with more turbo-boost, fuelling, and revised ignition maps. All of this can result in drastically altered performance. It’s not just about total power, a remapped car often enjoys much more torque throughout the rev range with low-down and mid-range torque improved. You can even find your MPG going up, as more torque means less gear-shifts!

Brands like Superchips, Cobb Tuning and Revo have all developed highly advanced forms of ECU remapping with some of the latest software ensuring that each new technological advancement works in partnership with every other component under the bonnet. To feel the full effect of your performance upgrades, check out some of our ECU remapping options today.