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Whether you’re making sure an off the shelf exhaust system fits correctly or building and fitting a custom exhaust, we’ve got you covered. We have a huge range of hangars, clamps, gaskets, exhaust rubbers, exhaust flanges, and exhaust sealant. Everything you need to fix sections of exhaust to your car and to each other.

If you’re mounting a universal backbox you’ll definitely need putty and some sort of adaptor to sleeve the back-box pipework onto the existing pipework. For applications where there is no off the shelf exhaust available, we carry a full range of universal exhaust components. Straight sections and exhaust bends, in mild and stainless steel. These enable you to build your own exhaust system without worrying about compromising on things like corner design.

Properly mandrel bent corners, ready-made over-axle bends, and flexi-pipe sections mean however you need to route the exhaust you can be happy that you’re not losing power because of poorly bent bends. The range also includes stepped and double ended sleeves for joining sections together. To mount onto this, there’s a wide range of high-quality universal silencers and back-boxes.