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Decibel Slayer - Exhaust Clamps & Hangars

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Whether it’s making a universal exhaust silencer fit or ensuring an off the shelf system is mounted properly we have a huge range of exhaust hangars, rubbers, mounting bushes, and clamps in stock.

While something like a car exhaust clamp, or exhaust hangar is a simple bit of hardware, knowing that your exhaust is mounted properly on your car and will stay put is essential for peace of mind while driving.

Clamps are also important for connecting sections of custom exhaust pipework together. If you’re using sleeve type connectors, you will then need clamps to hold everything together.

If you’re fitting a universal silencer, you will probably need a step-down adapter to make it fit your existing exhaust pipework. We also have silicone exhaust sealant and gaskets for ensuring no leaks.

As well as replacement rubber bushes, we have a range of long-lasting polyurethane bushes which won’t weather and crack like rubber will.

For track cars, we have Decibel Slayer noise reduction inserts that drop straight into the exhaust tailpipe and reduce noise.