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It isn’t always possible to fit an off the shelf exhaust. Where there isn’t a suitable ready made system, or you’d prefer to build your own, we offer a range of high quality straight pipes, exhaust bends, and everything else you need to build your own custom system exhaust system.

Straight pipes are simple enough. We offer a range of diameters up to 5” (in selected pieces), and a choice of mild-steel or stainless steel.

Bends are a potential source of restriction in an exhaust. A badly designed bend can restrict the flow of gas through the exhaust system. The universal bends we offer are mandrel bent. The bend is designed to not narrow as it turns.

Mandrel bent over-axle pipes are also available, to save you having to bend a straight section of pipe and risk restricting the flow of gas. For connecting multiple branches together we have T-pipes, Y-pipes, and X-pipes.

If you don’t want a straight through system, we offer a wide range of universal silencers, back-boxes, and decibel reducers.

There’s also everything else you need to mount the system, from rubbers, hangars, and brackets, through to lambda sensor bosses.