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Coilover Suspension

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A popular and highly effective performance upgrade, coilovers are fitted as direct replacements for standard springs and can make a significant difference to the way a car handles, particularly as you enter a corner. If you've been experiencing any kind of body roll as you take a corner, it might be because your standard springs aren't stiff enough and coilover suspension could be the answer in order to stiffen up the ride by lowering the centre of gravity and reducing the amount of weight transferred around the car as you turn.

KW Suspension, ST Suspension, Bilstein, Eibach, Ohlins, Vogtland, H&R Tein and AP Suspension are all experts when it comes to performance suspension and especially coilovers. Each of these brands makes a range of different coilovers which, in some cases, are fully adjustable electronically so that you can adapt the coilovers to suit the road or track conditions. With a whole host of different fixed and adjustable coilover suspension parts to choose from, you're sure to find the answer to your body roll and handling issues at Demon Tweeks.