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Car Tyres

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They're round, you have one in each corner and they need filling with air - that's about all there is to car tyres, right? Wrong! Your tyres play a vital part in the overall performance of your car helping everything from fuel economy to handling and braking but it's vital that you have the right tyres, in the right condition, for the right terrain to maximise their potential performance.

As the name suggests, winter tyres are designed for the cold conditions giving drivers extra traction when the roads are affected by wet weather, snow and ice. Some of the major names in the car tyre industry like Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli and Dunlop have invested heavily in the development of their range of winter tyres and now offer an extensive collection of car tyres to suit all makes and models.

These same brands also offer exceptional off-road tyres suitable for 4x4s, and an excellent collection of all season tyres which perform to the same impeccably high standards in the summer as they do in the winter, offering drivers the very best levels of grip, handling, acceleration and braking performance.

So you see, there is far more to car tyres than meets the eye! Here at Demon Tweeks we can offer a huge range of road tyres for any budget and any size of vehicle, so take a look around today and find a great deal - and don't forget, we offer performance tyre fitting here at our Wrexham fitting centre.