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In addition to pointing you in the direction you wish to go, steering wheels are vital styling parts inside your car and you need them to look their best at all times. Often overlooked in terms of their importance, steering wheels need to be comfortable for the driver to hold in order to maintain a solid, reliable grip and also to help feel for any kind of vibrations through the wheels.

OMP, Momo, Sparco and Simoni Racing are all brands who take the design of their steering wheels seriously; offering drivers a range of options to improve the interior styling and to give them the kind of steering wheel that suits their own taste and preference. With their racing heritage, each of these brands offers a sporty looking steering wheel complete with three-spoke designs and either traditional round or racing, flat-bottomed styling depending on your car and preference.

In addition to the steering wheels themselves, we also stock a range of steering wheel covers to help protect your wheel. Of course, you could always opt for a leather or suede finish that will help to add additional style and longevity to your steering wheel, with each manufacturer offering a variety of different finishes for the most comfortable and stylish steering wheel you've ever used.