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Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 Tyre

  • Designed for high end premium vehicles
  • Maximum winter safety
NOW £98.05 INC VAT £81.71 EX VAT
Product Details


The Pirelli Winter Sottozero 3 is a winter tyre specifically for premium vehicles.

The Winter Sottozero 3 takes in to account the high level of safety modern vehicles now must adhere to and delivers maximum safety, control and performance in all wintery conditions. The Winter Sottozero 3 features 3D sipe technology this improves handling on and reduces braking distances, while the use of a funtionalized grip within the block allows high levels of grip in a winter conditions. The wider grooves help expel water increasing handling and braking performance. The directional arrows and high density sipes within the tread pattern increase grip and traction in snowy conditions.

Priced Each.


Brand Pirelli
MPN 225451794VWINTSZ3XLN2, 225501798VWINTSZ3XL, 225551699HWINTSZ3XL, 225551797HWINTSZ3, 2255517VWINTSZ3XL, 235401895VWINTSZ3XL, 2354519VWINTSZ3XLMO, 225451895VWINTSZ3XLMO, 2254518HWINTSZ3XLMO, 2255017HWINTSZ3XLJ, 2256018104HWINTSZ3XL, 205551997HWINTSZ3XL, 2154017HWINTSZ3XL, 2155017VWINTSZ3XL, 225451895VWINTSZ3XL, 2255017HWINTSZ3, 225501899HWINTSZ3XL, 225551898HWINTSZ3, 225601799HWINTSZ3, 235351991WWINTSZ3XL, 2355517103VWINTSZ3XL, 225451996HWINTSZ3XL, 235351991VWINTSZ3XL, 215551798HWINTSZ3XL, 2155517VWINTSZ3XL, 225401892VWINTSZ3XLN4, 225401993VWINTSZ3XL, 2256018HWINTSZ3, 235401996VWINTSZ3XL, 2453020WWINTSZ3SI, 245352196WWINTSZ3XL, 245401897VWINTSZ3XLAO, 2454020WWINTSZ3XLMGT, 2454518100VWINTSZ3XL, 2553020WWINTSZ3XLL, 2553519HWINTSZ3XLJ, 255352097VWINTSZ3XL, 2754018VWINTSZ3XLJ, 2754518VWINTSZ3XLMGT, 2853520WWINTSZ3MGT, 3053020103WWINTSZ3XL, 225451794HWINTSZ3XL, 205601696HWINTSZ3XL, 205601793HWINTSZ3, 225451891HWINTSZ3, 2254518HWINTSZ3XLJ, 2254519VWINTSZ3XL, 225501798HWINTSZ3XL, 225551695HWINTSZ3, 225551797HWINTSZ3MO, 225401892VWINTSZ3XLAO, 235351991WWINTSZ3XLMC, 235451797VWINTSZ3XL, 2355018101VWINTSZ3XL, 235551799HWINTSZ3, 2454519102VWINTSZ3XLMO, 2455018100HWINTSZ3, 2553518VWINTSZ3XLMO, 2554020VWINTSZ3XLMO, 2753519VWINTSZ, 2753521103WWINTSZ3XL, 2853020VWINTSZ3XLJ, 2853520104WWINTSZ3XL, 3053519WWINTSZ3L, 225451791HWINTSZ3, 2155518VWINTSZ3XLMO, 215651698HWINTSZ3, 2254018HWINTSZ3XL, 2155516HWINTSZ3, 215601699HWINTSZ3XL, 2055017HWINTSZ3XLAO, 205551691HWINTSZ3, 2056016HWINTSZ3XLK1, 205651695HWINTSZ3, 215551697HWINTSZ3XL, 2356016HWINTSZ3, 2453519WWINTSZ3XLL, 2454019VWINTSZ, 255352097WWINTSZ3XL, 255401798VWINTSZ3XL, 2554519104VWINTSZ3XL, 265351897VWINTSZ3XL, 2654021105WWINTSZ3XL, 2753521103WWINTSZ3XLRO, 2754018103VWINTSZ3XLRF, 2853021100WWINTSZ3XL, 3153021105VWINTSZ3XL, 205551691HWINTSZ3MO, 2055517HWINTSZ3XLJ, 205601692HWINTSZ3MO, 2154516HWINTSZ3, 2154517HWINTSZ3XL, 215501892VWINTSZ3, 225451794VWINTSZ3XL, 205501793VWINTSZ3XLN2, 2155518HWINTSZ3, 2254019HWINTSZ3XLJ, 205401784HWINTSZ3XL, 205451788VWINTSZ3XL, 205501793VWINTSZ3XL, 2454018HWINTSZ3XLJ, 245451799VWINTSZ3XL, 245451998WWINTSZ3, 2853021100WWINTSZ3XLRO, 2853520VWINTSZ3XLMO, 2953020101WWINTSZ3XL, 3053521109WWINTSZ3XL, 205551791HWINTSZ3, 195552095HWINTSZ3XL, 2054018VWINTSZ3XL, 245401897VWINTSZ3XL, 245401998HWINTSZ3XL, 2454518100VWINTSZ3XLJ, 255352097VWINTSZ3XLJ, 2554019100VWINTSZ3XL, 2653020WWINTSZ3XL, 2753521103VWINTSZ3XL, 2754019101WWINTSZ3, 3552521WWINTSZ3XLL

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