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Samco Air & Water 90 Degree Silicone Hose Reducing Elbow - Standard Colours

  • Hand Manufactured To Exacting Standards
  • Made From The Highest Quality Silicones
  • Available In Large Range Of Colours And Sizes
NOW £12.82 INC VAT £10.68 EX VAT
Product Details

Samco 90 Degree Silicone Hose Reducing Elbows are made to the highest standards and are available in a range of colours and sizes from 16-13mm to 102-76mm. Can be used for water and air hoses, but not suitable for oil or fuel - see Samco Fuel And Oil Resistant Hoses.

This range features Samco standard colours which includes - 

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Purple
  • Orange
  • British Racing Green
  • Classic Black

Maximum hose temperature 180 degrees C (356 F)

Size Chart:
Size Chart


Brand Samco
MPN RE9022-16G, RE9038-32CLA, RE9048-30BLK, RE9051-38, RE9054-48O, RE9057-51, RE9057-51BLK, RE9057-51O, RE9060-51, RE9060-51O, RE9063-51, RE9063-51G, RE9076-63BLK, RE9080-70BRG, RE9080-70R, RE9089-76R, RE9035-25G, RE9016-13P, RE9019-13BLK, RE9019-13O, RE9019-13P, RE9019-13Y, RE9019-16BLK, RE9019-16O, RE9019-16Y, RE9022-19BRG, RE9022-19R, RE9025-19BLK, RE9025-19P, RE9025-19R, RE9032-19BLK, RE9032-19P, RE9032-19Y, RE9032-25G, RE9032-25P, RE9032-25Y, RE9032-28G, RE9032-28Y, RE9035-32BRG, RE9035-32R, RE9038-25BRG, RE9038-32BRG, RE9038-35BRG, RE9045-32BRG, RE9045-32P, RE9045-38, RE9045-38BRG, RE9045-38P, RE9051-45, RE9051-45G, RE9051-45O, RE9054-48G, RE9057-50O, RE9057-50Y, RE9057-51G, RE9057-51P, RE9057-51Y, RE9060-51G, RE9060-51Y, RE9070-63BRG, RE9076-63, RE9076-63P, RE9076-63Y, RE9080-70, RE9080-70O, RE9089-76BRG, RE9035-25BLK, RE9048-38B, RE9016-13BRG, RE9019-13BRG, RE9019-16BRG, RE9019-16P, RE9022-16, RE9025-19BRG, RE9032-19BRG, RE9032-25, RE9032-25BLK, RE9032-25O, RE9032-28, RE9032-28O, RE9035-22, RE9035-22G, RE9035-30, RE9035-30G, RE9035-32G, RE9038-25O, RE9038-35R, RE9045-32R, RE9045-38BLK, RE9051-45BLK, RE9051-45P, RE9054-48BLK, RE9057-50P, RE90102-76B, RE90102-76O, RE9032-25CLA, RE9032-28CLA, RE9048-30O, RE9051-38G, RE9051-45CLA, RE9057-51CLA, RE9060-51CLA, RE9016-13BLK, RE9022-16CLA, RE9035-22CLA, RE9035-30CLA, RE9035-32CLA, RE9048-30, RE9048-30P, RE9051-38O, RE9054-48, RE9063-51CLA, RE9070-63P, RE9038-35P, RE9051-38Y, RE90102-76R, RE9022-16R, RE9035-30R, RE9048-30Y, RE9016-13R, RE9019-13R, RE9022-16O, RE9022-19O, RE9032-19R, RE9032-25BRG, RE9032-25R, RE9032-28BLK, RE9032-28P, RE9035-22BLK, RE9035-22O, RE9035-22P, RE9035-22Y, RE9035-30BLK, RE9035-30O, RE9035-32O, RE9038-25P, RE9038-25Y, RE9038-32G, RE9038-35Y, RE9045-38R, RE9051-45BRG, RE9057-50, RE9057-51BRG, RE9057-51R, RE9060-51BLK, RE9060-51P, RE9063-51BLK, RE9063-51O, RE9063-51Y, RE9070-63R, RE9076-63BRG, RE9076-63R, RE9089-76Y, RE9035-25BRG, RE9035-25CLA, RE9035-25Y, RE90102-76G, RE90102-76P, RE90102-76Y, RE9016-13G, RE9016-13Y, RE9019-13CLA, RE9019-16CLA, RE9019-16R, RE9022-16BRG, RE9022-16P, RE9022-16Y, RE9022-19, RE9022-19G, RE9022-19P, RE9022-19Y, RE9025-19G, RE9025-19Y, RE9032-19CLA, RE9032-28BRG, RE9035-22BRG, RE9035-30BRG, RE9035-30P, RE9035-32, RE9035-32P, RE9035-32Y, RE9038-25, RE9038-25G, RE9038-32, RE9038-32O, RE9038-35, RE9038-35G, RE9038-35O, RE9045-32, RE9045-32G, RE9045-38G, RE9048-30G, RE9051-38CLA, RE9051-45R, RE9054-48R, RE9057-50BRG, RE9057-50CLA, RE9060-51BRG, RE9063-51BRG, RE9070-63, RE9070-63G, RE9076-63G, RE9080-70CLA, RE9080-70Y, RE9089-76G, RE9089-76O, RE9063-57B, RE9035-25B, RE9035-25O, RE9035-25R, RE9048-30BRG, RE9051-38BRG, RE9054-48BRG, RE9054-48CLA, RE90102-76CLA, RE9035-30Y, RE9038-32Y, RE9048-30R, RE9054-48P, RE9063-51P, RE9016-13CLA, RE9022-16BK, RE9022-19CLA, RE9025-19CLA, RE9038-25CLA, RE9038-35CLA, RE9045-32CLA, RE9045-38CLA, RE9070-63CLA, RE9076-63CLA, RE9089-76CLA, RE9048-30CLA, RE90102-76BRG, RE9051-38P, RE9051-38R, RE9054-48Y, RE9016-13, RE9016-13O, RE9019-13, RE9019-13G, RE9019-16, RE9019-16G, RE9022-19BLK, RE9025-19, RE9025-19O, RE9032-19, RE9032-19G, RE9032-19O, RE9032-28R, RE9035-22R, RE9035-32BLK, RE9038-25BLK, RE9038-25R, RE9038-32BLK, RE9038-32P, RE9038-32R, RE9038-35BLK, RE9045-32BLK, RE9045-32O, RE9045-32Y, RE9045-38O, RE9045-38Y, RE9051-45Y, RE9057-50G, RE9060-51R, RE9063-51R, RE9070-63BLK, RE9070-63O, RE9070-63Y, RE9076-63O, RE9080-70G, RE9080-70P, RE9089-76B, RE9089-76P, RE9035-25P, RE9076-60BLK, RE9076-60B

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