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Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 Alloy Wheels in Black Gloss Set of 4

  • Motorsport heritage & sleek design
  • Heat-treated strength & durability
  • TUV certified for quality assurance
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NOW £549.60 INC VAT £458.00 EX VAT

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Product Details

The Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 Alloy Wheels in Black Gloss redefine the connection between a performance car's aesthetics and its motorsport heritage, blending exceptional handling with striking looks. These wheels are engineered with precision, utilising advanced development techniques and high-quality materials to meet the rigorous standards of the most discerning drivers. Their lightweight design, combined with heat treatment for maximized strength, ensures a durable and performance-enhancing upgrade to your vehicle.

For those seeking to transform their car's performance and appearance, consider the following features and benefits:

  • 12 Spoke Motorsport Design: Inspired directly by the British Touring Car Championship, this design not only adds an aggressive motorsport aesthetic to your vehicle but also reduces weight, leading to improved handling and acceleration.
  • TUV Certified: Assurance of quality through strict German TUV standards, indicating a product that meets high safety and performance benchmarks.
  • Heat Treated to Maximize Strength: Enhances the wheel's durability and lifespan, ensuring they can withstand the rigours of both road and track use without compromising on performance.
  • Ultra Light Alloy Wheel: Reduces the unsprung mass of your vehicle, allowing for quicker acceleration and more responsive handling, particularly beneficial during high-speed cornering on country roads.
  • Proven Motorsport Pedigree: The choice of winners across international championships, these wheels bring a competitive edge to your performance car, emphasizing its motorsport heritage.
  • Range of Size and Fitment Options: Ensures compatibility with a wide variety of cars and tyres, making it easy to find the perfect fit for your vehicle and driving needs.
  • 60-degree Taper Seat: Guarantees a secure fit for any wheel nut or bolt, providing peace of mind that your wheels are safely and securely attached to your vehicle.

When each corner presents a high-speed challenge, the Pro Race 1.2 wheels demonstrate their motorsport lineage with superior handling and control. The transition to motorway speeds is seamless, thanks to their lightweight design, enhancing acceleration and embodying the spirit of racing. The wheels' strength, fortified by heat treatment, ensures that even when driving over potholes or uneven terrain, performance and aesthetics are not compromised, illustrating their adaptability to both performance and everyday driving scenarios.

Choosing the Pro Race 1.2 wheels is a step towards experiencing the legacy of motorsport excellence every time you get behind the wheel. With their distinct touring car aesthetics and strong motorsport heritage, these wheels are designed to deliver not only on looks but on performance. Whether you're navigating the twists of a country road or hugging the corners of the track, the Pro Race 1.2 offer a driving experience that connects you to the heart of racing.

Every wheel is supplied with a vehicle-specific anodized aluminium spigot ring to centre the wheel perfectly to your hub. Not only do they make fitment quick and easy, but they're also better equipped for use on the track.

Don't Forget - wheels and tyres are usually one of the biggest expenditures so keep them safe by fitting high-security wheel locking nuts and keep them in pristine condition with our wheel care products.

PCD and Offset explained - Check out our wheel fitment guide here!


Brand Team Dynamics
MPN 5K2-670455114, 5K2-775355114, 5K2-770355114, 5K2-770355100, 5K2-670355112, 5K2-775454100, 5K2-890355108, 5K2-880485114, 5K2-670455108, 5K2-770455108, 5K2-880455108, 5K2-770404114, 5K2-770424100, 5K2-770385X98, 5K2-570304100, 5K2-570454108, 5K2-770385112, 5K2-775354100, 5K2-890354114, 5K2-770384108, 5K2-775454114, 5K2-570204114, 5K2-570455108, 5K2-670355100, 5K2-670455112, 5K2-780384100, 5K2-780405110, 5K2-780454108, 5K2-790355112, 5K2-770455115, 5K2-775405114, 5K2-780454114, 5K2-790404114, 5K2-670355114, 5K2-780355098, 5K2-790405114, 5K2-570404100, 5K2-570405100, 5K2-670305100, 5K2-670455100, 5K2-780354100, 5K2-780385120, 5K2-790354108, 5K2-790405120, 5K2-890355112, 5K2-670454114, 5K2-780355114, 5K2-880455114, 5K2-570254108, 5K2-570355120, 5K2-670354108, 5K2-670454108, 5K2-770385110, 5K2-770404100, 5K2-775375100, 5K2-780355112, 5K2-790405100, 5K2-880355108, 5K2-880405100, 5K2-880455100, 5K2-890355120, 5K2-570354098, 5K2-770254098, 5K2-770454108, 5K2-775505108, 5K2-790354114, 5K2-775384100, 5K2-880305114, 5K2-880355110, 5K2-880405108, 5K2-880405112, 5K2-790355100, 5K2-780455114, 5K2-770405114, 5K2-880505114, 5K2-775454108, 5K2-570254100, 5K2-670205110, 5K2-670355110, 5K2-770353112, 5K2-770385120, 5K2-780385100, 5K2-780455112, 5K2-890355100, 5K2-670354098, 5K2-570354114, 5K2-770455114, 5K2-790355114, 5K2-880354114, 5K2-890355114, 5K2-770385114, 5K2-370354114, 5K2-570304108, 5K2-570455110, 5K2-670204100, 5K2-670384108, 5K2-770384100, 5K2-770455110, 5K2-775455100, 5K2-780404108, 5K2-880354100, 5K2-880355112, 5K2-880355120, 5K2-880405110, 5K2-880405120, 5K2-880455110, 5K2-370354100, 5K2-570454100, 5K2-670154108, 5K2-770454100, 5K2-775354098, 5K2-780384098, 5K2-570355110, 5K2-880355098, 5K2-770404108, 5M2-670385098, 5K2-670255110, 5K2-770384098, 5K2-890354100, 5K2-37023H1A, 5K2-570355X98, 5K2-570355114, 5K2-570454114, 5K2-775385114, 5K2-880355114, 5K2-570154100, 5K2-570354108, 5K2-570355100, 5K2-570455112, 5K2-670254108, 5K2-670404108, 5K2-770385100, 5K2-770455112, 5K2-775455108, 5K2-780455100, 5K2-790384108, 5K2-880354108, 5K2-880404100, 5K2-880454100, 5K2-880455112, 5K2-570254098, 5K2-670255100, 5K2-775355120, 5K2-780385098, 5K3-885355108, 5K2-580354100, 5M2-770355098, 5K2-570355108, 5K2-670424100, 5K2-780385110, 5K2-780355110, 5K2-780385114, 5K2-780405114, 5K2-89040Q3, 5K2-775385110, 5K2-775455120, 5K2-370254108, 5K2-370384108, 5K2-570404108, 5K2-570455100, 5K2-670354100, 5K2-670455110, 5K2-780354108, 5K2-780405108, 5K2-790355110, 5K2-880384108, 5K2-370354098, 5K2-570405114, 5K2-570455114, 5K2-775455114, 5K2-880405114, 5K2-570234100, 5K2-570355112, 5K2-670304100, 5K2-670454100, 5K2-770385108, 5K2-775355100, 5K2-775455110, 5K2-775455112, 5K2-780455110, 5K2-790385114, 5K2-880355100, 5K2-880404108, 5K2-880454108, 5K2-880455120, 5K2-570304098, 5K2-670454098, 5K2-775385100, 5K2-880354098, 5K2-670304098, 5K2-570154108, 5K2-780384108, 5K2-570354100, 5K2-780455120, 5K2-770454114, 5K2-770455100, 5K2-670404100, 5K2-770154108, 5K2-670384100, 5K2-790454114, 5K2-790454098

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