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Whenever you're working on your motorcycle or putting it into the garage, be sure to secure it in place with a motorcycle stand. Designed to take the weight off the tyres to keep them in prime condition, and to make accessing the inner workings of the machine as straightforward as possible, motorcycle stands and lifts are great additions to any workshop or garage.

With a motorcycle lift you can position the bike just where you need it, making some of the most inaccessible components accessible and protecting your own joints in the process! Rather than scrambling around on the floor or trying to position the bike on a table using all kinds of props, a good quality motorcycle lift from Warrior, Sealey or BikeTek - to name just three - will give you a stable platform to work from.

Similarly, a paddock stand will allow you to position the bike in a garage without leaving the weight on the kickstand or tyres. If you get off the bike and leave it on the kickstand for an extended period of time the tyres can start to distort, so a front paddock stand will help get the weight off the front tyre while also securing the bike and the rear paddock stand will allow you to get the back wheel off the ground.