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ADA Spring Rate Attachment
US$69.12 Ex VAT US$69.12 INC VAT
ADA Corner Weight Gauge
US$375.81 Ex VAT US$375.81 INC VAT
ADA Castor Camber Gauge
US$106.28 Ex VAT US$106.28 INC VAT
Showing 3 of 3 items

Mechanics love little tools and gadgets, and sometimes it's the smaller devices that are the most effective. Whether you're a professional mechanic, part of a pit crew or you're a keen tuner in your garage at home you'll understand the importance of wheel alignment and helping to reduce tyre wear. One of the most effective ways of doing this is to measure the castor and camber angles with a gauge from ADA, designed specifically to give accurate and clear readings so that you can identify how much camber or castor adjustment is required to improve the handling of the car. ADA also produce a range of corner weight gauges which should form a key part of any suspension setup and tuning whether it's your own car or a race car.