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Haynes Tuning The A Series Engine
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Over the last few decades there has been one place to look for information relating to just about every make and model of car, van and motorcycle ever made. Haynes manuals have provided garages, mechanics and tuners with every little detail there is to know about the parts, components, fluids and structure of their cars and bikes; helping to make repairs and upgrades quick and easy. For many a Haynes manual was the go-to source for things like oil changes, switching your windscreen wipers and changing headlight bulbs giving many the motivation and opportunity to start tuning and repairing cars and motorcycles from an early age. Today, almost 60 years since the publication of the very first Haynes manuals, these guide books are still going strong providing enthusiasts with the detail needed to restore modern classics and the next generation with the information and inspiration to start helping out with their parents cars. Whether you're into your high performance tuning, your professional motorsport or a few simple bits of servicing on the drive, a Haynes manual contains all you need to know and covers almost every major make and model ever made. Browse the full range of Haynes car manuals and motorcycle manuals available here.