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Rain-X Anti Fog
US$8.34 Ex VAT US$8.34 INC VAT
Rain-X Glass Cleaner And Rain Repellent
US$10.45 Ex VAT US$10.45 INC VAT
Rain-X Rain Repellent
US$8.34 Ex VAT US$8.34 INC VAT
Rain-X Rain Repellent Trigger Spray 500ml
US$16.34 Ex VAT US$16.34 INC VAT
Rain-X Plastic Water Repellent – 200ml
US$8.21 Ex VAT US$8.21 INC VAT
Showing 5 of 5 items

The weather can play havoc with driving conditions and it doesn't even have to be a horrible, wet day to reduce your visibility and your ability to drive safely. Car windscreens and windows can fog or mist resulting in decreased visibility, but glass treatments from brands such as Rain-X can reduce the chances of this happening so you can see clearly where you're going. Rain-X anti fog spray, as the name suggests, has been developed to reduce the build up of fog on your windscreen and windows; while Rain-X rain repellent helps to ensure that the rain simply slides straight off your glass when the weather takes a turn. Rather than sitting on the windscreen or windows waiting for your wipers or the wind to blow the droplets away, Rain-X glass treatment products make sure that they disappear almost as quickly as they arrive. The range of Rain-X products is tried and tested in all conditions from perfect sunshine to rain, sleet and snow; repelling the snow and water to give you the perfect field of vision to see the road ahead and potential hazards all around. Typically lasting around three months, Rain-X glass treatments are an excellent investment for all car owners.