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Uniroyal RainSport 5 Tyre

  • Best in class aquaplaning resistance
  • Outstanding wet handling
  • Shark Skin technology shrugs off water
NOW US$60.80 INC VAT US$60.80 EX VAT
Product Details

The Uniroyal RainSport 5 is the very latest in Uniroyal's award-winning RainSport range. It continues the tradition of offering the very best wet handling, along with all the latest technology you'd expect from an ultra-high performance road tyre.

  • Best in class aquaplaning resistance
  • Outstanding wet and dry handling
  • Shark Skin technology shrugs off water

The Uniroyal RainSport is well known for offering a combination of class-leading handling in the wet, excellent handling in the dry, and a very competitive price. The RainSport 5 continues all of these traditions, as well as offering all of the enhancements in technology you'd expect from a performance tyre.

As Uniroyal are owned by Continental, they share many of the technologies that go into Continental tyres, but with Uniroyal's singular focus on wet performance. As well as an asymmetric tread pattern designed to quickly clear water from the tread of the tyre, they also use Uniroyal's own "Shark Skin Technology". Inspired by the way shark skin is actually made of tiny interlocking scales, the surface of the tyre receives a similar treatment. Just like the skin of a shark, this ensures that water flows smoothly and uniformly off the surface of the tyre into draining sipes leaving clear tread to make contact with the road.

Uniroyal has even done something clever with the drainage sipes in the tread blocks, using something called Aqua-Twist technology to quickly shed water off the tread of the tyre.

These features combined with the new compound give this tyre the class-leading resistance to aquaplaning you expect from a Uniroyal RainSport.

The RainSport 5 also excels at both wet and dry handling in corners thanks to both an asymmetric tread pattern designed to put the right tread pattern in solid contact with the road as you go around corners, and thanks to reinforced ribs and shoulder designed to stop the tyre deforming too much under load as your vehicle leans over on it. Uniroyal set out to make this better than the RainSport 3 and they have definitely achieved that.

Uniroyal has also put a real emphasis on tyre life, fuel economy, and low noise with this new design. The new compound, pattern, and stiffer shoulders help ensure even tread wear and longer tyre life - Uniroyal is quoting up to 15% improvement over the RainSport 3. Fuel economy and rolling noise are also improved.

Ride quality is slightly improved over the 3, offering a positive and sporty, yet comfortable connection with the road.

If you want a tyre that performs outstandingly well in the rain, offers all the benefits of a modern compound and tread pattern, and lasts a long time, you cannot go wrong with the Uniroyal RainSport 5.


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